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Title:Filth (2013)
Runtime:97 minutes
Overview:A bipolar bigoted junkie cop, manipulates and hallucinates his way through the festive season in a bid to secure promotion and win back his wife and daughter.

Filth (2013) - zalukaj., Chory policjant-narkoman, manipulując wszystkimi dookoła, toruje sobie drogę do awansu, dzięki któremu może odzyskać również żonę i córkę.. James mcavoy: ' people walk , James mcavoy: 'there will be people who walk out of the cinema i'm sure'. Pope resigns 2013: gay sex rings, ' filth' corrupting, Gay sex rings, 'the filth' corrupting the vaticanand why the pope really quit. sickened by moral corrosion in his own shadowy cabal, benedict can only rid rome of.

Written by Elizabeth Bicknell