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Top 10 prolific serial killers - listverse, A serial killer is an individual who has killed at least 3 people over a period of more than a month. this list ranks serial killers, not by their. Photo serial killers - dailydot., Donald trump got tricked into retweeting a photo of notorious serial killers. The creepiest female serial killers: 20 cases - blogspot., It isn't easy to limit this list to 20. over time we will add other cases which are so creepy that it would be unreasonable to leave them off the list..

10 Recently Caught Demented Serial Killers - Listverse

Isn’t it fascinating, that so many serial killers go unnoticed; seemingly flying underneath the radar up until the day they get caught? Only then are the.

Famous Serial Killers Behind Bars - Inside Prison

This article discusses the lives of some of the most famous American and Canadian serial killers and mass murderers who were convicted and sent to prison. It looks at.

Serial killer

A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people, usually in service of abnormal psychological gratification, with the murders taking place over more than.

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